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Who are we helping?


We are providing scholarship to Christian students who need financial aid. If you are students, you can join too! As long as you are Christian and still studying in Uni/ College, you can be part of this scholarship program!


Unfortunately, war continues to exist in today’s society. There are far too many innocent people who’ve already lost their families, homes, and food as a result of the war. We can only do our best to support them through various organizations.


Many small churches across the world currently need our help. We will also support them, and we hope that people all over the world will continue to approach God.

You can help, be part of us

Need your help.

NFT Holy Bibles aims to support people who are in need. This is always our top priority, and before we enter the Metaverse, we will help as many people as possible. We will bring God to them, while also God's strength and believers. Help them in leading a better life and escaping the pain they are experiencing. Support the future generation, as well as those believers who are hoping for a miracle.

How We Guarantee


In a blockchain, each node has a full record of the data that has been stored on the blockchain since its inception. We can be confident that every donation received will be delivered to the right place because of the blockchain system. Every donation or transaction will be recorded, and this information will not be altered.

No backstage process


When you donate through the website’s PayPal button and/or make a purchase in Opensea, the donation is immediately locked and sent to the beneficiaries or organisations once it reaches the specified amount or period. There is no more procedure to follow after giving, and none of us are permitted to utilise the funds for any other reason.

Trace the donation


Thanks to the blockchain system, everyone, including you, can trace the donation; every record will be uploaded. 

You can help, be part of us

How do we send the money to the right person?

How do we help


Scholarship program is well distributed to groups in discord so we can assist and know every students' need. At the same time we wants to bring students to get closer to God and learn more about Christianity. 

How do we help

War Refugee

We will donate money to refugee center and also organization like The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Every action counts, donate now to help those who are suffering, they are waiting for us. 

How do we help


We will open an application for churches to apply for fund support. We know how hard is it for some small model churches to sustain in this time period due to Covid-19, so why not we help them if we are capable to do so? Join us and help them now. Donate or share this campaign. 
(Churches application opening soon)